Ocean’s Thirteen

Rated 3.0

George and Brad are closet Oprah fans. Matt Damon sports a funny fake nose. Don Cheadle quotes Chuck Berry and channels some soul kitsch. Al Pacino underplays! Stuff like that is central to the glittery, inconsequential fun offered up by the latest addition to the Ocean’s 11-12-13 franchise. And fun it is, in a way that is at times both sleekly sophisticated and charmingly off-handed. Like all of the Ocean’s 11 remakes and sequels, 13 is a caper film, with a briskly rambunctious blend of action, adventure and comedy. And in its self-referential mixtures of story points and bargaining chips, it also manages to imply, more than once, that there’s not all that much difference between running a large-scale, big-bucks scam and piecing together bankable movie entertainment.