Night in the ruts

Strong Like Monkey, Azalea Drive and Reverend Shelby Cobra

Reverend Shelby Cobra began the evening with a casual solo set of original and blues-derived cover songs. Suddenly the blues vernacular expanded to include the act of making sweet, sweet love as a laxative substitute. Men over 50 who find the children’s book Everyone Poos a rollicking good time would given this their seal of approval.

Azalea Drive’s performance illuminated a few bright spots in search of an identity. Imagine college rock’s greatest hits: a bit of the grunge, taste of jam band and a dash of emo. Azalea Drive’s enthusiasm and dead-on cover of the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” lifted the crowd’s dedication from their pints to the band.

Last, if you consider the middle finger the most noble of human gestures, have I got a band for you. Soon after 1 a.m., the members of Strong Like Monkey’s vigorous performance laid testament that no such late hour existed in their internal clocks. Strong Like Monkey works hardcore punk similar to the aggressive, early-'80s brand: A trip to Gilman Street, a vomit-caked boot to the head, no apologies. Their brutal language was voiced in loud chords augmented by occasional punk-funk bass and an ever-so-slight suggestion of dub. As some involved spectators proved, there still exists a very dedicated audience for this genre.