Mild at best


Pepper Free Speech Area, Chico State Campus Thursday, Aug. 28.
With a band name like Pepper, I guess you’re expecting comments like, “This Pepper is really hot!” No. In fact, they were pretty dang average. Looks: Could pass for your average frat boys. Performance: Average. The guitar player had some licks, not always on the money.

Unlike their exotic home state of Hawaii and somewhat exotic names—Kaleo Wassman on guitar and Marley-esque vocals; Yesod Williams on drums—these guys (add in there the third man in the threesome, Bret Bollinger, on bass and vocals) are … average. Medium. The main heat of the gig came from the noontime sun.

Not that they weren’t kind of entertaining, in a macho, throw-the-F-word-around sort of way. The crowd, consisting mostly of 20-something males, seemed fairly interested, sometimes somewhat amused, by the rock/reggae-ish songs and between-song comments like, “We’re just three morons from Hawaii who came out here to test out your weed … and your girls” and “Those of you who have boobs, come closer, please.”

Granted, they might have been burned out from their gig the night before at the Brick Works (Wassman called it the "Drip Works," but he was sweating). All three wore dark shades and admitted, "It’s early in the morning for us."