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Dream keepers

Photo By Tom Gascoyne

Anecia Johnson-Smith, a member of the Chico Community Coalition, reads a prepared statement on Martin Luther King Jr. Day during a brief press conference at Community Park. On the left is Joe Person Sr., chair of the collation. After a long and twisting effort that met with a lot of resistance, the coalition was able to get Whitman Avenue, the street that leads to the park, renamed Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and permission to install a memorial to the slain civil rights leader installed in the park. Johnson-Smith said it’s important that young people know that King stood for the promotion of brotherhood and mutual respect. “The future of his vision rests with our youth,” she said. The coalition hopes to raise money to erect a memorial deserving of King’s legacy. Contributions to that end may be made (checks only) to M.L. King Jr. Fund and mailed to Chico Community Coalition P.O. Box 6967, Chico, CA. 95927.