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Scout’s dishonor?

Photo By Devanie Angel

Part of a project by Masters of Fine Arts candidate and Chico State teacher Ulises Meza was removed from the Bell Memorial Union lobby Dec. 6 at the direction of the Associated Students administration. A.S. President Thomas Whitcher said the Bell Memorial Union Committee is reconsidering its art exhibit policy after a “miscommunication” in which the artist installed a different exhibit than originally proposed—one that took space from studying students. Also, “a lot of people were offended” by the two displays, said Whitcher, adding the A.S.'s intent is not to censor art. (The Boy Scouts have Down syndrome and were viewing a crucifix, while the piece in the Reconstructions series on the second floor if the BMU featured the Virgin Mary at a tea party with rabbits.) Whitcher said the artist later explained that the works have to do with commercialization of religious holidays, but that it wasn’t clear in Meza’s descriptions alongside the sculptures. “He wanted people to figure it out for themselves,” Whitcher said.