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Size matters

Photo By Tom Angel

Bruce “Dr. Bruce” Balgooyen captured the $100 prize for weighing in with the largest zucchini at the Saturday Farmers’ Market Sept. 24. Balgooyen explained that the giant zucs like this winner are not really good for eating. “What you can do,” he said, “is split it in half, scoop out the seeds, fill it with rice and a meat like chicken and then put it in the oven.” Balgooyen said he’s been growing big zucchinis for a number of years and recalled a 61-pounder he raised in upstate New York. “We had a leaky septic system and I put a seed by that leak and it really grew. I didn’t eat that one.” The winning entry weighed 10.91 lbs. and was grown at the Riparia community in south Chico near Comanche Creek. His secret, he said, is the seeds used in conjunction with the city of Chico compost, available out by the Chico Municipal Airport. “All the vine crops love it,” Balgooyen said.