More hot water for PG&E

Utility company facing more fines for misclassified pipelines

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. is facing more fines after conceding it failed to reclassify a total of 300 miles of pipeline running through suburban areas.

PG&E previously admitted to losing track of 172 miles of pipeline that once ran through rural areas that have since experienced suburban development, but on Jan. 24 they revealed an additional 140 miles of pipeline running through populated areas that should have been regularly inspected, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. PG&E is already facing the possibility of hundreds of millions in fines from the California Public Utilities Commission for flawed record keeping and misclassification of pipelines, which was exposed following the 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes.

PG&E has not revealed the location of the misclassified pipelines in their 5,700-mile transmission system.