Bucky Pizzarelli & Frank Vignola

How’s this for a concept? Take two guitarists, put them in a studio and let them suggest the tunes to record. That’s what’s on offer here with Pizzarelli (on his seven-string instrument) and Vignola conspiring to work their plectral magic on 16 pop standards. At 79, Pizzarelli—who toured and recorded with Benny Goodman in the ’70s—remains solidly in the swing camp and provides splendid rhythmic support for the much younger (39) Vignola, who shares the same appreciation for these “good old good ones” (as Louis Armstrong characterized his repertory). They even give a nod to Satchmo by reminiscing on “When It’s Sleepy Time Down South.” This is a very relaxed affair, with neither of them working up a sweat on such items as the title track, the Latin-flavored “Temptation,” the Gypsy-nuanced “Golden Earrings” or the gently swaying “If I Had You.” In contrast to many duet albums, these guys aren’t out to cut each other; no slicing and dicing here—just straight-ahead playing. Lovely goods!