Money madness

America loves its sports, doesn’t it? And athletes. According to the Department of Labor, jobs for pro athletes, coaches and referees will increase faster than most other jobs for the next seven years or so. Partly to thank for that is the increase in the number of female athletes joining the pro ranks. We all know athletes are paid handsomely. Here’s a little about money and sports:

$2.6 million The amount CBS asked for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl

$64,000 The average salary, in California, for referees and umpires

$2.7 million USC football coach Pete Carroll’s annual salary

$65-$530 The price of a ticket to see the 49ers’ season-opener at home

$505,000 Aaron Rodgers’ base salary for 2007 (before bonuses)

$87 million Tiger Woods’ income last year, including salary and endorsements, making him the highest-paid athlete in the world

$20 million How much Maria Sharapova (pictured), the best-paid female athlete, raked in last year