Mom tribe

Three businesses move in downtown after owners met at Chico Mothers Club

Back in January, the CN&R interviewed sisters Kelley Sexton and Shannon Rowley, who’d recently moved here from San Diego and opened their own business geared toward children: Chico Princess Parties. Well, I checked in with them last week and it turns out their once-small venture has already grown, so much so that they had to move out of their quaint cottage on Williamsburg Lane and into the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Now, you can find Sexton and Rowley in a sweet suite above Naked Lounge. And they have some pretty cool plans for the summer. First, they’ll be holding summer camps, some of which are offered through the Chico Area Parks and Recreation District. One week will be Jungle Camp, the next Pirate Camp …. Sounds pretty fun!

My favorite new offering, though, is the Kids Club they’re planning to start up in the next couple of weeks. For $10 an hour, parents will be able to drop their children off and then go have dinner downtown—no need for a babysitter, plus the kids get social interaction. One room in the suite will be a dance party; the other will be a movie room. “The idea is that you pick up your kids and they’re ready for bed,” Sexton said.

What’s more, Sexton and Rowley didn’t move in above Naked Lounge alone; they brought friends with them. Ruth Walker, owner of SpOiled Shoppe; and Krystle Stetson, who has a photography studio, are neighbors. The women met through the Chico Mothers Club (Rowley is the only one without kids of her own) and all happened to be looking for commercial space at the same time.

“I love being able to support and collaborate with other business mamas,” Walker told me. Her shop is stocked with essential oils and she also hosts oil workshops.

Stetson agreed. When she moved with her fiancé to Chico from the Bay Area three years ago, she said she didn’t know a soul, so she joined the Chico Mothers Club, which she said has been a fantastic resource. “The idea behind moving into the same space was to mom tribe it a little bit,” she said. “It’s been really great. We all understand the craziness that happens when you have kids. And it’s just awesome to have these moms in your corner.”

All three have Facebook pages. Search Chico Princess Parties, SpOiled Shoppe or Krystle Stetson Photography to learn more.

Watch out When one door closes, another opens, right? Downtown clothing store Kreations recently shut its doors—but do not fear; owner AnneMarie Peters assures her loyal customers that she’s not quitting, but merely getting out of the brick-and-mortar game. On the store’s Facbook page, she says she’s keeping her brand—watch out for pop-ups and other events on the horizon.

As Kreations leaves 130 W. Third St., a new tenant prepares to move in. The Watchman, a longtime fixture in the Chico Mall, will be taking over the space in July. The 15th is the store’s last day at the mall, and they hope to open up downtown by the end of the month.