For the last decade, Drew Holcomb has been slowly but steadily spreading his upbeat Southern-rock sound and positive outlook, and with Medicine, the singer-songwriter and the latest incarnation of his revolving band might finally be poised to break out. You have picturesque folk numbers lamenting love lost (“American Beauty”), a mid-tempo love song to Holcomb's wife/bandmate, Ellie (“Avalanche”), and songs that are dying to be played on your next road trip or a movie featuring a road trip (the rousing, almost anthemic “Shine Like Lightning”). But this album isn't an unfocused collection of various forms of radio bait; the thread of relationships nicely ties the different styles together. Whenever Ellie adds her excellent vocal harmonies to a tune, the lyrics—as on the chorus of rocker “Tightrope” (“Wanna go wherever you go”)—are not only made stronger because of the union of their voices, but because of their union in real life. And when the band takes things to another level, as they do on the funky stomp-rocker “Sisters Brothers”—on which groovy electric guitar and cacophonous drum beats give the track the feeling of a rallying cry—this album soars. Some good medicine for your soul.