The Deepest Lake

Drawn from a myriad of musical influences—from Cambodian pop of the Vietnam War era and Martin Dennyesque exotica to So-Cal surf music and Sixties psychedelia—the music of Dengue Fever is sensuous, sinuous, and very enjoyable whether you're dancing or just chilling with a refreshing beverage. On The Deepest Lake, songs such as “Deepest Lake on the Planet” feature Farfisa organ lines slithering over, under, around and through chiming guitar shimmers and saxophone melodies, while the spy-movie pulse of electric bass and cat-quick drums keep everything moving. And out front, the clear, keening voice of Cambodian vocalist Chhom Nimol embraces and steers the music with multi-octave passages that can lead the listener to the ecstatic dance floor or to well-deep meditations on the infinite variations of our human spirit. As many Chico music lovers discovered recently (Feb. 12 at Chico Women's Club), in live performance it's the kind of stuff that makes going to the local community clubhouse seem like a trip to an undiscovered country. On this fine 10-song album that spirit of fun and adventure is conveyed via crystal-clear production that brings the band's up-to-date exotica right into your living room or automobile. Worth seeking out.