Magalia’s music man

Dave Wilson

Photo by Vic Cantu

Dave Wilson is an eternal optimist. “I’m happy every minute I have, no matter how tired, busy or worried I am,” he said. He’s also passionate about music—he proclaims that “musical vibrations built the universe.” In fact, the 58-year-old Army, Air Force and National Guard veteran, who is prone to military metaphors, loves music so much that he recently learned all he could about the subject. On Sept. 1, while still holding his day job as an analyst, he opened Magalia’s only guitar and music store, Guitar Gear Garage. Though very small, at just 275 square feet, it’s stocked with a wide variety of music products and custom fixtures. Stop by his shop at 14154 Skyway, Ste. 1, on weekends and every other Friday. Call for an appointment most weekdays at 520-2667 or go to for more info.

What inspired you to open your store?

Early this year, my wife, Amy Wilson, who owns Wilson’s Pet Care grooming shop in this complex, told me the office next door to hers was open. I thought I could use my musical passion to do something for Magalia that does not exist, and also for my eventual retirement.

You seem to really love people and music.

Yes, I love to invite musicians and bands to play once per month in the parking lot out front. I always welcome anyone to play individually—and I might join in! I like people to play here because then I can see how they feel about my products and prices, etc., to make them happy!

What types of products do you carry?

Everything a guitarist needs to do their thing. Many of our guitars are priced low so even kids can afford them. We also have amps, ukuleles, T-shirts and hats, plus drum, [brass] and woodwind accessories.

How’s the process of opening a business been?

I’ve been working since May by the seat of my pants. Many product distributors have trusted me with my tiny place. But I’ve remodeled everything myself. I’m just now starting to rest, but the last few months I’ve been building like I’m on a military mission.

How long have you been a musician?

As a kid I took guitar, trombone and flute lessons, but gave them up. Then, two years ago, I saw a Pink Floyd cover band at the Feather Falls Casino play their hit “Wish You Were Here.” I loved it and wanted to play it using easy chords, so I bought an electric hollow-body guitar and brushed up on my basic skills like standard tuning, different electric guitar styles, and music theory.

What are your long-term plans for the shop?

I have all new stuff, but eventually I want to carry used products, too. I want to learn more about repairing guitars so I can fix and resell them. I created a “beachhead” here, but now I need to expand past the beach.