MacGyver: The Complete Series

Paramount Home Video

The world that MacGyver lives in is a complicated one. Everywhere he goes someone is in trouble and he’s going to have to save them. Richard Dean Anderson’s iconic character is full of scientific and philosophical voice-overs and bad puns, all of which are dead cool—in spite of the constant mullet. The 39-disc collection is void of special features, besides “Play All” and “Scene Selection” functions. This is certainly annoying but with all seven seasons (139 episodes) and the two television movies for less than $140, you can’t go wrong. Instead of dwelling on the negative, do what MacGyver would do and make lemonade out of lemons. Actually Mac would use the citric acid of the lemons, the magnesium of a bicycle frame and the rust of some paint cans to make an explosive. But that’s why he’s MacGyver and you’re not.