You’re Gonna Miss Me

Palm Pictures

You’re Gonna Miss Me is the story of preternaturally gifted musician Roky Erickson who fronted ’60s garage psych outfit Thirteenth Floor Elevators. The Elevators were widely credited with coining the term “psychedelic rock.” The film chronicles Erickson’s rise and fall while battling drug abuse and schizophrenia. Erickson was busted for possessing a single joint in 1969, and was subsequently institutionalized in Texas’ notorious Rusk Mental Hospital alongside murderers, pedophiles and rapists. It’s a safe bet that the shock treatments administered did nothing to actually curb a budding schizophrenic condition. Upon leaving the institution Erickson continued to play music until the mid-’80s. Ultimately this revered cult genius (testimonials by ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Patti Smith and Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore explain why) was relegated to an existence in filth and poverty governed by a misinformed mother who distrusted the entire world of psychiatry simply because the Crane brothers of Frasier led lives devoid of “the spirit.” Keven McAlester delivers a gripping film that should appeal to fans of the likeminded documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston. You’re Gonna Miss Me is required viewing for rock fans curious about the pioneers that paved the way for their heroes.