Letters for November 6, 2003

Off-shore weasels
Some large corporations have discovered how to weasel out of paying any taxes by using a loophole in the tax code—setting up sham headquarters offshore. California’s treasurer introduced a bill to make those corporations pay their fair share for the state services they are now getting for free. He needed three Republican votes to get it passed and asked Sen. Sam Aanestad, R-Grass Valley, to be one of them. Aanestad refused and instead voted against the bill, helping the deadbeat corporations continue to shift their taxes onto the rest of us.

The next time we pay our taxes or open up a tripled car registration tax bill, we can thank Sam Aanestad for working to protect his tax-dodging corporate buddies and make us common citizens pay even more.

The treasurer’s bill to make corporations pay their fair share will be voted on again in January. If you would like Sam Aanestad to vote for the bill, let him know before then.

Brenda Sherman

Lessons of war
Why do some of the U.S. soldiers in Iraq grow discontented with Bush’s foreign policy [“Unrest in Iraq,” Newslines, Oct. 16]? Is that because they genuinely changed their view on the world order? Or is that because their private interest—the same that has made them join the military—is not being served any longer by the contracts that they have signed?

From their history lessons at school they should have known that during the first and second world wars militaristic governments on both sides of the front line were deploying troops for long years—and history likes to repeat itself. And the USA is in a war right now; undeclared and illegal, but a war.

The reports of disillusioned soldiers and their families call for compassion. The same that we have for Hasek’s good soldier Svejk, with the difference that Svejk was taken in a nationwide draft, but nobody was forcing the U.S. men and women in uniforms to join the military or the National Guard. Yes, we understand that they are various life situations where people may resort to the helping hand of such organizations to get by or survive materially. Similarly like with some persons becoming prostitutes.

People! Do not sell your body and life to government. Who wants to listen to complaints of prostitutes?

Tomasz Taubert
Overland Park, Kan.

Mo-town brethren
I attended the Esplanade League’s “Coffee with Michael Moore” on Tuesday morning with my 3 1/2-year-old son. I felt like it would be good exposure for him to be around such positive energy. I was born and raised in Michigan, and Michael has been a home-state favorite of mine. I arrived at 10 a.m. to purchase my ticket. I had heard the Chico State University appearance was sold out in two hours, so this was my only chance to see Mr. Moore in Chico.

There was a representative from the Esplanade League who was attempting to have the lines of people fill out forms (Group W) that requested our demographics in addition to our “sliding scale contribution” of $35-$50. I filled out my name and address but felt it was none of their business who my employer was. I was told it was mandated by law they have this information. I told the representative that I would not supply demographics about myself, and she began to tell me (with my son sitting on my shoulders) that I shouldn’t be here and I was in the “wrong place.”

Her comments to me were not only rude but anything but progressive, as the Esplanade League considers itself. The ironic part is when Michael was delayed, the vice-mayor began to talk about the Patriot Act. Then, when Michael did show up, he had a two-SUV, one-car entourage. But he is forgiven; he is only supporting his home state (plus I think the Excursion was burning bio-diesel, but it could have been the “French” fries he was eating).

Rob Glatthaar

Arrested development
A victory for the police is not necessarily a victory for the people.

Stephen T. Davis

All-time low
No surprise that we have heard little out of Bush regarding the fires of Southern California.

Bush is focused on the misinformation circus relating to Iraq. It would be laughable if people were not dying and the environment not destroyed, laughable in a twisted way but not humorous.

With regard to the popularity polls for Bush, a major factor in the figuring is flawed journalism. If citizens are fed major lies and misinformation, like repeated advertising, how is it possible for the polls to reflect any truth?

People believe what they read and hear from the news—call it the Cronkite Effect—and media bosses take advantage of this.

A fact never mentioned is that the media are owned by the same multinationals that make a killing developing weapons and bombs. Some of these same weapons are then sold to our potential adversaries. These companies have armed the world. No wonder they are always stirring things up looking for a fight. It all makes sense if your bottom line is power and profit. It all seems so logical; it’s amazing more of the public doesn’t get it. Follow the lies, money and the blood—they lead to the top.

Reporters are no longer free to do their job when it could mean their jobs. This is truly a new historical low point among the many.

Mona Martine

Bush sacrifices
The president of the United States and his administration have all but promised that he is committed to continue sacrificing personal and national values if it means killing every last American or world citizen, ruining the U.S. economy or causing a world war.

He sees these destructive practices as an economic stimulus for his industries, including savings and loans, as during his father’s presidential economic legacy.

The president, who has also recently decreed himself son of God, will honor his peasant followers of the world and allies (contributing terrorists) by giving them an opportunity to see him on another chopped and canned television press conference. While on his worldwide tour promoting his other industries, including weapons of mass destruction, the need for saving and loans, oil consumption and drugs (legal of course); he will also be stopping by his cattle ranch/oil fields in Texas, weapons and drug distribution facility (legal of course) in Florida, marketing mostly to his father’s dear friend Syrian President Hafez Assad, who is personally one of the most prolific drug pushers on the planet and whom Bush Sr. embraced as an ally during the Gulf crisis.

Scott Love