Letters for June 1, 2006

Inside Enloe
Re: “Follow that story” (Newslines, CN&R, May 25):

Perhaps the only sources of information you have regarding the atmosphere at Enloe Medical Center is the local newspapers or the radio. If this is true, then as the saying goes, “I bring you ‘glad tidings.'”

For the 20-plus hours I spent at the hospital in the last two weeks, I worked with an extremely busy, energetic, pleasant staff whose sole aim was to make sure the patient felt that he or she was their only interest. No gloom or doom, no grumbling or mumbling, just caring people, caring FOR people. It seemed to me that all the current contentious issues were left at the front door—perhaps to be “picked up” and re-visited on the way home, or better yet, trusting those who are in charge of solving these serious issues to do so in an expeditious and thought-provoking way.

Marge Overson,
Enloe volunteer


Fair play
Re: “Fair’s fare” (Letters, CN&R, May 25):

Chris Yates needs to grow up! I had to laugh when he said, “The Silver Dollar Fair is a community event, open to all members of our society.” Really? Except for those religious folks, right? Besides, there is no such thing as Christian rock or Christian music, just lyrics. Buddist rock? I’ll be in the front row for that one!

Zane Lowrey

Fiery response
Re: “Inmates are no problem” (Editorial, CN&R, May 18):

You got it right that most inmates in fire crews are no problem for the local area, but you tanked on some other ideas. “The crews might not be sufficiently trained…"—they are fire crews, of course they are sufficiently trained! You must never have been at the last pull of an extended hose lay in 100 degree heat with brush burning all around you as you try to save some houses, choking to get another breath, down to your last reserves, only to look behind you and see some 30 strong men with hand tools and chain saws ready to “build you a freeway” up the mountain.

As to “better places” [to put them from a firefighting perspective], don’t think that we up here in the foothills where our homes are surrounded by brush and forest are not aware that crews from Magalia can be on scene in 20 to 30 minutes, rather than an hour or two hours for the next crews available.

David Tygart,
retired fire captain
Lake DeSabla

Prop. 82 opponents
We think all 4-year-olds should have the opportunity to go to preschool, but Proposition 82 is not the answer.

One of the biggest concerns of the proponents of Prop. 82 is that children should learn to read. Studies have shown that most children of this age are not yet ready to begin reading. If this initiative passes, preschool will be a grade preceding kindergarten with testing, mandates and endless state paperwork.

Statistics show that 66 percent of California’s children already go to preschool. There are programs such as state preschools, voucher programs and Headstart for those who need financial help.

What will happen to all the private programs? Statistics show that 90 percent of us will not survive. These programs have done a good job. We do not need a one-size-fits-all childcare system. Vote no on 82.

Teachers of Chico Montessori Children’s House

Historian’s endorsement
I wish to publicly endorse Candace Grubbs for re-election as Butte County Clerk-Recorder. As a professor of history at CSU Chico, and a member of the Butte County Historical Society, I can personally attest to the great job that Candace has done during her 20 years in office.

Among other things, the Clerk-Recorder is the chief public record keeper for the county. As such, the Clerk-Recorder’s office is an immensely valuable storehouse of information. Candace and her hard-working staff have created one of the most user-friendly courthouses in California.

Candace’s generous contribution to the education of my students [with hands-on tours and internships] is merely one example of the benefits provided to our community by this very dedicated public servant.

Michael Magliari
Chico State

Support for sheriff …
There is a reason the law enforcement community including the Deputy Sheriff’s Association has endorsed the re-election of Perry Reniff as sheriff. They are confident in his proven ability to provide security to the citizens of Butte County in a professional and fiscally responsible manner. As the former chief investigator for the district attorney, I join the law enforcement community in their support of Sheriff Reniff and the outstanding service he has provided to the people of this county.

Ed Szendrey

… times two
Last September I contacted Sheriff Reniff to offer some help and ideas about how we could fight methamphetamine in Butte County. I knew he had created the Butte County Meth Strike Force, but I didn’t know much about it. I was shocked that within a day or two, I was given an appointment to see him personally. Talk about accessible! Not only that, but it was clear to me after our meeting that he was very committed to the problem, and had been for a number of years.

Unless you work in law enforcement, education, or social services, you probably don’t know the extent of and/or how significant the problem really is. Thanks to Sheriff Reniff, we have a meth strike force with a future that’s more than just another “committee.” Check out www.2stopmeth.org, and vote Reniff.

Lynne Bussey

‘The right person’
Butte County is currently facing many very important issues. Housing costs are higher than they should be due to a shortage in housing, average household income is lower than it should be due to a lack of quality jobs and growth is occurring without a reasonable and comprehensive plan to properly accommodate that growth. And these are just a few of the many issues that face us today. Now, more than ever, Butte County needs strong dedicated leadership; leadership that has an understanding of what the future holds and the determination and vision to guide the county in the proper direction.

That’s why, on June 6, I will be casting my vote for Steve Bertagna for Butte County Supervisor District 3. He has 10 years of experience on the Chico City Council where his voting record has consistently demonstrated a clear understanding of the issues and the commitment and courage to make the tough decisions necessary to address those issues. It is this demonstrated ability that has earned him endorsements from the Butte County Employees Association, Chico Chamber of Commerce, Butte County Chapter CDF Firefighters Association, Butte County Deputy Sheriffs Association, and Assemblymen Rick Keen and Doug LaMalfa. Clearly, he is the right person for the job.

Thomas N. Hall

Write-in campaign
The voters for the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Congressional Representative 2nd District have an opportunity to be represented by a citizen who is “fed up” with many of the conditions of our country. Robert Seals is not a “Yes Man” for the Bush Administration, as is the current representative of the 2nd District.

Please vote in the June 6 primary election. Strongly consider that a write-in vote for Robert Seals is a statement that you, too, are fed up. We deserve better and can vote for change.

Tommy Michael