Letters for May 25, 2006

Judge not, lest you be
Re: “Issue that you’re passionate about?” (Streetalk, CN&R, May 18):

Matt Bourgault, who refers to himself as a “campus evangelist,” made a very troubling statement that cannot go unanswered! He said he’s “…passionate about the Bible, Christ, preaching Christ crucified,” and I heartily agree that as a Christian and ordained minister that is my passion as well.

However, he goes on to say, “Specifically, calling Chico State sinners here to repentance. Drunkards, pot-smokers, lesbians, sodomites, the whole shooting match here at Chico State. Common sins abound here. We’re preaching the Bible, calling these sinners to repentance; obey Christ before it’s too late.”

Since I have limited space, let me just say that the Bible makes it abundantly clear that we are not to judge others, let alone condemn them! The only Gospel to be found in Christianity is the Gospel of grace (God’s unmerited favor to us), faith (trusting God over and above seen circumstances), love, peace, reconciliation and inclusiveness.

The false gospel of legalism and perfectionism that Mr. Bourgault espouses is diametrically opposed to the Gospel and does tremendous violence to Christianity itself. Moreover, I fail to see how the preaching of this false gospel will ever entice intelligent, sensitive people to even consider Christianity as a viable way in which to live their lives.

When people experience the true unconditional love of God, they will no longer believe the polarizing poison of any false gospel!

Rev. Dr. Jerry S. Maneker

Fair’s fare
Who made the decision to bring Christian rock to the Silver Dollar Fair? The fair is not a religious event, and a Christian rock performance is entirely out of place. I am deeply offended by this upcoming event. Will we have Islamic rock next year followed by Buddhist rock, Jewish rock, Taoist rock, Hindu rock, Confucian rock? Not likely, is it?

This appears to be another step toward theocracy in this country.

The Silver Dollar Fair is a community event, open to all members of our society. It is not a religious event and should not be a forum for the promotion of religion. This event should be canceled.

Chris Yates

Bonds booster
Well, Barry hit has hit 714, a Ruthian achievement, and may even have added to that total by the time this is published. The headline in the local Sunday paper had 714 with an asterisk alongside. This Bonds bashing has become very popular since the publication of an unsubstantiated “tell all” book by a couple of sportswriters. Isn’t it hypocritical of Chronicle sportswriters to smear Barry for alleged use of performance enhancing drugs when the pages surrounding their columns are filled with ads for hair growth, penis enlargement and Viagra?

All this talk is getting out of hand. My girlfriend found out I used a performance enhancing drug last weekend and now she claims the third orgasm gets an asterisk.

Throughout history many of the great and famous have used substances which enhanced their performance. But would you take the opium from Edgar Allen Poe, the absinthe from Van Gogh, the LSD from Hunter S. Thompson, the Southern Comfort from Janis Joplin, or the beer from Dick Cheney?

Enjoy Barry’s swing while you still can.

Roger Montalbano

Rally the vote
June 6 is an important date for Californians. It is the day we go to the polls or send in our ballots to determine who will represent our party in November.

The first item on the Democratic ballot is the race for governor. The front-runners are Phil Angelides and Steve Westly. Both candidates have visited Chico, and both gave spirited speeches at the recent Democratic state convention in Sacramento.

My wife and I have chosen to vote for Angelides, as we feel he has been more faithful to the ideals that underlie California politics. He believes that government should pay as we go and not leave our sons, daughters and grandchildren the bill for what we need today. Angelides also has the endorsement of most Democratic leaders in California.

Let’s all turn out and give our candidates a boost on June 6.

Robert Woods

Sierra Club says …
The Sierra Club is pleased to endorse Maureen Kirk in the June 6 election for District 3 Butte County supervisor. As a Chico city councilwoman, Kirk has consistently voted in support of environmental protections (e.g., keeping Bidwell Ranch as open space, moving the Oak Valley development into the lower foothills, acquiring Comanche Creek). As the Chico member of the Butte County Water Advisory Board, she has consistently advocated and voted for quality water and protection of this vital resource. She has worked constructively on the state-mandated Nitrate Compliance Program.

We are confident that, if elected, Maureen Kirk will balance policies promoting economic development with protection of the long-term, well-being of Butte County’s natural resources and fragile environment. We urge you on June 6 to vote for Maureen Kirk.

Grace Marvin, chair Sierra Club, Yahi Group

Bush defender
President Bush has a clear plan for victory in Iraq that begins with training Iraqi forces so they can defend their country and fight the terrorists. We are making tremendous progress toward this objective. Earlier this year, Iraqi forces led the fight in clearing out terrorists during the crucial battle of Tal Afar, with U.S. troops in a supporting role, and every day, Iraqis are taking more control of the situation on the ground.

Withdrawing from Iraq, as some Democrats in Washington propose, would send a dangerous signal to our enemies that we cut and run when the going gets tough. President Bush is offering a clear strategy to win, not a political quick fix.

Skip Franchino
Yuba City

Thank-you note
On behalf of everyone here at the ARC of Butte County I want to thank all the kind people who helped make our first “ARC Thrift Store Fashion Show” a big success!

Since 1953, the ARC of Butte County has been devoted to the establishment of community-based services for local people with developmental disabilities and their families in Butte, Glenn and Tehama Counties. The ARC’s Day Program participants are always engaged in a variety of constructive activities that aid in acquiring self-help and social skills.

The generosity of this community has made our continued success possible.

Leah McKean,
ARC resource developer