Letters for January 26, 2017

Two on Women’s March

The first press conference in the Trump White House news room, while millions of people were marching in the streets, was pathetically focused on our president claiming the media had underestimated his crowd size at the inaugural, the day before. Does he truly live in a bubble of alternate reality?

Meanwhile, here in Chico, the amazing women’s rally and march was the largest such event ever seen in Chico. Thousands carried signs and rallied, determined to get involved—women, men, children, all standing up for the decent, kind and caring United States we all know we can assure by standing together. It was a wonderful event, and I would like to thank the organizers and volunteers who made it such a success.

I helped staff a table at the rally, for the Democratic Action Club of Chico (meetings every fourth Tuesday, 7 p.m., at the Chico library). There was a lot of interest in the DACC table, perhaps due to our banner with a quote from union organizer and martyr Joe Hill: “Don’t mourn, organize!” As President Obama said, “buy a clipboard” and run for office. Or help someone who is. No hand-wringing. Don’t mourn, organize!

Bill Monroe


Went to the Chico edition of the Women’s March. First word that comes to mind is “embarrassing.” Most of the people there must be the face of some type of revolution, as it was “revolting.” Placards were abundant, ranging from “Full rights for all immigrants” to “Resist fascism.” The only one remotely related to women was “This pussy grabs back!”

I had hoped to see and hear about issues such as Islamic oppression of women, clitoral mutilation and sex slavery, but that was not to be found. To the crowd, it seemed that all women’s problems were somehow related to Trump’s election. I heard several incoherent, rambling speeches about “building bridges instead of walls,” “justice for all,” ad nauseum. However, I did feel included when “dreamers” were mentioned, as I can only imagine my nightmares related to this event.

Denny Royston



At one of the new “president’s” campaign events, he used one of George Harrison’s songs, “Here Comes the Sun.” More appropriate would have been Harrison’s song “Beware of Darkness.”

A hyperactive child in the bloated body of a self-absorbed narcissist, his first action in his new job was to raise taxes on a million middle-class home buyers, reversing a scheduled .25 percent tax cut in FHA mortgage insurance premiums. Next, he signed an executive order to begin the process of taking health care away from 20 million people, as well as an additional 10 million who will see state-sponsored insurance cut.

I wonder how many of the uneducated white male voters who supported him will be affected? How many of his senior citizen supporters will be hurt by the Republicans’ plan to dismantle Social Security and Medicare? How many of his supporters’ children and grandchildren will suffer from dismantled regulations on air and water pollution? And how safe is the world now that this thin-skinned, whiny little brat has the codes to our nuclear arsenal?

Many dictators prefer military rank titles. Since this dictator-wannabe acts more like a petulant baby than an adult, I crown him Colonel Diapers, our Grabber-in-Chief.

Roger Beadle


Dear Speaker

To Paul Ryan: Set an example. Be the first American congressman to repeal your own gold standard government health insurance, funded by the taxes of your hard-working constituents. Give up your protection from pre-existing conditions and pay out of your own pocket for diseases that private insurance will refuse to cover. Take the moral high ground and show us you are willing to threaten your own physical safety before you demand that sacrifice from the millions of Americans you claim to protect. Be the courageous warrior who leads his troops into battle, rather than shouting proclamations from a safe distance.

Penni Markell


A few one-liners

It is not the small size of a man’s hand that determines his method of governance, but rather the enormity and consistency of just his middle digit.

Kenneth B. Keith

Los Molinos

I encourage every American to file bankruptcy at least once, as it may help you qualify to become president of the United States.

Rick Hunter


Shelter needed now

Re “Shelter from the storm” (Newslines, by Meredith J. Cooper, Jan. 14):

At least [Joel] Castle is making a noble effort to address the plight of homeless in regards that there is not enough “legal” shelter to protect them from the elements. By the time City Council, et al., finish palavering about it, they may have to figure out how to dispose of some who couldn’t find alternative shelter and succumbed to the elements, which aren’t waiting for anyone.

Frank Toews


Too much waffling

Re “More tent talk” (Newslines, by Meredith J. Cooper, Jan. 19):

According to your story on a proposed permanent campground, “[Councilman Randall] Stone acknowledged that he did initially vote to approve one such law, the Offences Against Waterways and Public Property ordinance, but, after realizing he’d made a mistake, voted against it when it came back for expansion.” Firstly, the “one such law” is a multifaceted ordinance, criminalizing an array of functions necessary for survival.

Secondly, while it’s true that Stone voted against expanding these cruel laws to more areas of the city, he did not mention any previous “mistake,” on the night the expansion was approved. On the contrary, Stone praised the original ordinance, saying it made a “tremendous difference” in the safety of his own neighborhood. Revising history, even by implication, enables Stone’s perennial waffling. If Stone can find his footing as an advocate for the homeless, more power to him. But, that will have to start today, because just two weeks ago, he postured as an ultra-authoritarian in his remarks concerning a makeshift camp; which, for all its flaws, is keeping people out of the rain.

Patrick Newman


Wake up, Dems

North State Progressives won big in the state delegate vote a few weeks ago, and a better Democratic Party may be possible.

But the gaping black hole in the Democratic Party is that it does not consider foreign policy an issue worthy of attention, at a time when the U.S. has gone trillions of dollars into debt for a very militarized U.S. foreign policy that has killed hundreds of thousands, and left unimaginable pain, destruction and environmental degradation behind … and more refugees since World War II, and made the world more unstable and the U.S. less safe.

The Democratic Party is oblivious. Or they are scared that if they had an opinion they might lose votes.

Right now, the Democrats are going after the Russians with a McCarthy-like, bloodthirsty zeal. It is embarrassing.

While the Russians may be responsible for hacking the DNC, it was the DNC and establishment Democrats who rigged the primary and it was obvious before the leaked emails.

The U.S. routinely influences elections and attempts to overthrow governments.

Domestic issues are extremely important! But careless militaristic foreign policy may disembowel the future by creating so much hate, instability, debt, destruction and environmental damage that the world can’t recover.

Being complacent is being complicit. The Democrats have really bloody hands.

Lucy Cooke

Butte Valley

Women’s rights

Roe v. Wade is the war on women. Since 1973, approximately 60 million Americans have lost their lives before taking a breathe outside the womb. At least half, or around 30 million, were females who would have become doctors, teachers, coaches, construction workers, managers, business owners, friends, wives, moms and on and on.

What about the human rights of these 30 million women. Did politicians take their rights? Did Christians take their rights? No, to all the above. The sad reality is that some women and their complicit organizations continue to support and promote the taking of innocent and defenseless lives.

Women, be alert, your enemy walks among you.

Ray Martinez


More marchers than that

As part of the team that organized the Women’s March, I would like to correct the Chico police chief’s estimate of only about 1,000 marchers. A mathematician figured out the number was about 2,500 people, part of the over 1 million people who marched globally in support of groups who will be hurt by the new administration. That includes all of us who will be harmed by rolling back measures to halt global warming and undermining public education. I encourage people who want to stay involved to check out Mobilizechico.org and the Facebook page NorCal Progressives.

Gayle Kimball