Leaders of the pack

Management classes in Chico and Oroville; local cider wins award, plus more fresh food options

When it comes to succeeding in the workforce, one often is faced with opportunities to rise in the ranks. That’s all fine and good, except a significant number of people moving into management positions have never been trained in leadership.

That’s according to stats from CareerBuilder, which in 2011 surveyed employers and workers throughout the U.S. and concluded that 26 percent of managers said they weren’t ready for the added responsibility and 58 percent had never received any management training. Michael DaRe uses those stats to advertise his leadership classes, which are set to begin through the Oroville Adult Education Career & Technical Center next week (Jan. 28).

“Teaching leadership is my passion,” DaRe told me by phone. After retiring as a corporate field manager for 7-Eleven, he and his wife moved to Oroville, where he hooked up with the adult education program and last fall launched an 18-week leadership class at its Chico center. “We learned very quickly that 18 weeks is just much too long,” he said, “so we revised everything.”

This term, he’ll offer two eight-week management classes—one in Oroville, one in Chico—with others geared toward new managers and retail management specifically set to start later in the year.

DaRe says his entry-level courses are great for those with limited educational backgrounds or those hoping to propel their careers. He also says he sees a lot of moms and military veterans looking for refreshers before re-entering the workforce. Interested students can go to orovilleadulted.com for information.

Kudos The Good Food Awards are given out each January to craft food producers and farmers around the United States as a way to celebrate foods that are “tasty, authentic and responsibly produced.” Congratulations are in order for Lassen Traditional Cider’s Ben Nielsen, who was just recognized for his 2017 Farmhouse Dry.

I scanned the list of finalists for familiar names. Forgive me if I missed someone, but the only other local craft foodmaker among them was Chico’s Pacific Culture, a finalist in the “pickles” category for its Kabu Chimayo Turnips. Well done!

Movin’ on up Local chef Mary Chin has been creating pre-prepped meals in Chico through her My Oven’s Meals catering business for a while now and it was time for an upgrade. You can still preorder for the week ($30 minimum), but now you also can find her mobile kitchen, aka “The Box,” when the mood strikes. Chin specializes in fresh, healthy, farm-to-table meals. For more on weekly orders, go to myovensmeals.com and find her on Facebook for where The Box will be parked.

Pickin’ In March, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz—you know, those goofy guys who drive around the country digging through people’s old barns on American Pickers—are coming to California. In preparation, they’re putting a call out for potential places to pick. If you think you qualify (must be a private collection, not open to the public), call (800) OLD-RUST or email AmericanPickers@cineflix.com.