Late Than Never

One night in 2011, Michael Maffei and Sundeep Kapur found themselves in Chicago. The guys spent the evening telling people they worked at a law firm by the name of Hunter & Wolfe, and while the firm was made up, the name stuck and became the duo’s band moniker. From that came a debut in 2014, and now Late Than Never, this follow-up EP. These few songs are full of a range of clear dynamics, from the simple build of “I Followed” to the pop-rock punch of “All the Vultures.” Maffei’s vocal delivery is polished with a timbre at times crossing over into Rufus Wainwright or Elvis Perkins territory. For the most part, these are piano-driven numbers, but almost always buoyant and uplifting in their pop approach. The short closer, “All Too Much,” is carried by bright piano that’s hit with distorted guitar blows that bring drama to the second half of the song. It’s a fairly bare-bones track that’s stronger for its simple dynamics. Here’s hoping a full-length follows.