Laser leads the way

Local inventor making waves in health-care field

Local inventor John Strisower’s laser cure for toenail fungus—PinPointe FootLaser—is doing so well that he’s splitting his company, PathoLase Inc., into two entities. Just two years ago, Strisower was in the beginning phases of getting his product licensed. Now it is approved for use in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Previously, the best-known cure for the fungus, which affects up to 10 percent of Americans (most of them 70 or older), was Lamisil—but the pill is expensive and has toxic side effects.

In the split, PathoLase Inc. will continue to work on laser treatments for various ailments. A new company, PinPointe USA Inc., will focus simply on the foot laser technology.

PathoLase, which is made up of medical professionals and others around the country—including Chairman and CEO Strisower (pictured in a file photo)—is currently researching laser treatments for heart disease, pancreatic cancer and periodontal disease.