Lame levees near Chico, Gerber

Army Corps identifies faulty levees in Butte County

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has deemed that 33 miles of levees near Chico and Gerber do not meet operation and maintenance standards.

The corps’ Sacramento District conducted a routine inspection of nine levee systems on Mud, Sycamore and Dry creeks near Chico, and Elder Creek near Gerber, finding all nine to be “unacceptable,” or unlikely to serve their purpose during a flood, according to an Army Corps of Engineers press release. The corps identified erosion, encroachments, bank caving and rodent control as the most serious deficiencies. Levees deemed “unacceptable” will be ineligible for federal aid to repair flood and storm damage until they are properly maintained.

“Our findings help the agencies that own and maintain these levees prioritize levee fixes and help the public understand their flood risk and make informed decisions about their safety,” said Meegan Nagy of the Sacramento District.