Lack of sun can make you sick

Vitamin D keeps humans healthy

A recent study published by Oxford University provides solid evidence that links vitamin D deficiency in humans to serious diseases.

It may sound strange to those who spent their summer in Chico, but many people around the world don’t get enough vitamin D, which is largely derived from exposure to the sun. By using sequencing technology, the Oxford research team charted the vitamin D receptors in the human genome. They found 2,776 binding sites in all, most of which were clustered around genes that are associated with autoimmune conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes, some cancers and dementia.

The growing number of people—nearly 1 billion worldwide—who are vitamin D deficient may be attributed to changes that have occurred in the workplace over the past few decades, such as the transition from working outside to spending most of the day inside an office or vehicle.