Label debate

Lagunitas Brewery drops complaint against Sierra Nevada

A day after filing a trademark infringement complaint against Chico’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. over the use of “IPA” on a beer label, Lagunitas Brewing Co. decided to drop the issue Tuesday (Jan. 13), according to

Originally reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the story goes that Sierra Nevada’s label for its Hop Hunter IPA, due for release Jan. 15, was discovered last month by Lagunitas founder Tony Magee, who said the label was too similar to Lagunitas’ 20-year-old IPA label. The fear was that Sierra Nevada’s beer could either harm sales or suggest a collaboration with Lagunitas’ brew. The company wanted a temporary restraining order against the release of Hop Hunter, as well as financial compensation. A major backlash on social media convinced him to change his mind, reported.

A statement posted on the Sierra Nevada website says: “We have no interest in our products being confused with any other brand.”