KISS Rocks Vegas

It was only a matter of time before KISS turned into a Vegas act, right? The band did nine shows at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Café in November 2014, documented it all, and showed it one time only on the big screen earlier this year. Now the band offers its fans KISS Rocks Vegas, a DVD and CD/vinyl set of that performance, culled from the nine-show residency. It’s still spectacular. The 4,000-seat The Joint at the Hard Rock gives an intimate look at the aural and visual assault of the stage show. The band is tight, and the production on both the CD and DVD doesn’t sound sterile or touched up. The show itself is pretty scripted these days, and the set list is tired (no deep cuts here, but a couple surprises in songs like “Tears Are Falling” and “Creatures of the Night”), but this package is one of the better live documents of KISS in recent years.