For This We Fought the Battle of Ages

On its fourth album, Salt Lake City’s SubRosa has broken down every possible barrier—musically, emotionally, thematically—so much that you could say the band’s created its own genre entirely. For This We Fought the Battle of Ages is easily SubRosa’s best, taking its early doom beginnings to new frontiers. The doom here is less about the guitars or the pace, and more about the actual sense of doom the five-piece creates through cinematic passages and effective use of quiet. Vocalist/guitarist Rebecca Vernon, along with violinists/vocalists Sarah Pendleton and Kim Pack, make otherworldly sounds on “Wound of the Warden” and “Killing Rapture,” where guitars glisten more than gouge and elements of classical music can be found. The grandiose nature of Battle of Ages never sounds bloated. Simply put: This is the sound of a band in complete control of its powers. Magick.