Didn’t Go to the Party

The name might not ring a bell, but Sara Jackson-Holman’s music has possibly already made its way to your ears by now. The Portlander’s songs have been featured in shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars and Orange Is the New Black. Her newest album, Didn’t Go to the Party, has its own stealth quality to it. It’s a collection of demure-toned breakup songs with soft drums, light swells, arpeggiated piano lines and Holman’s strong range and breathy delivery. The songwriter’s garnered numerous comparisons to Lana Del Ray for her sultry vocals and dark-toned songs (see “Killing Me Boy” and “You’ll Come Around”). The album maintains a dark, cathartic mood throughout, with a slight silver lining in the closer “Spring Bossa,” with the line: “When you cross my mind again/I will remember you when you were at your best.” Don’t be lazy and settle for the TV version; light some candles and give the album a listen.