Josiassen jumps in

Count Curt Josiassen in. When the Butte County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 on Jan. 29 to deny a permit to build a gravel mine on the M&T Ranch west of Chico, he was one of the two dissenters. But when the board approved a final resolution Tuesday (Feb. 12), he voted with the majority, leaving only Supervisor Kim Yamaguchi opposed.

The resolution sets out in great detail the board’s reasons for turning down the mine. They largely mirror the arguments concerned citizens made against it: that it would have significant unavoidable impacts on traffic, roads, safety and air quality, and would be detrimental to health and welfare. Moreover, there were no overriding reasons to allow these impacts because plenty of gravel is available elsewhere and the mine wouldn’t add jobs.

The resolution also noted the loss of prime agricultural land and the potential for flooding.