John ‘Juke’ Logan

The Chill (re-Chilled)

Recorded in 1992, this CD has been re-mixed, re-mastered, re-released and “re-chilled.” Logan, who plays harmonica and piano, and wrote all the music here (which includes two bonus tracks), is a blues guy who has—as he says—“a tendency to ‘bend the blues rules’ a bit.” Logan has a keen lyrical sense and wraps his folksy voice around a terrific set of songs beginning with “Fan the Flames,” a real rave-up (with guitarist Denny Freeman on fire) whose message is that we should all work together “and make the most of this go ’round.” For Logan the chill is everything: “Good music translates to good CHILL,” and a handful of guests help him ratchet the chill factor to max. The title track features Los Lobos’ David Hidalgo on button accordion and Logan’s smooth harmonica, while the Texacali Horns add a festive New Orleans flavor to “Bayou Diamond Ring.” Junior Watson’s superb guitar work enhances the pool-themed “Hustler” and Brenda Burns (guitar, vocals) livens up 10 of the 16 tracks, especially her duet with Logan on a “Long Low Ride,” a paean to those highly styled wheels. Helluva CD—buy it.