Translated From Love

Oh, Kelly … what happened? Yeah, you went to Nashville and it broke your heart. But you came back from that with the instant-classic Fading Fast EP in 1996, backed by Son Volt, no less. You followed that up with some great tracks on various compilations before signing to Rykodisc and releasing a string of less and less impressive albums, culminating with your latest, Translated From Love. I know you’re a mother, and you can’t go out drinkin’ and breakin’ hearts anymore, but I really don’t want to hear a song about your children (backed by strings no less). All these mid-tempo numbers are really boring me to tears, too. And that song where you tried to recapture the rockabilly flavor of your early recordings, “Teddy Boys,” was pretty rote and by-the-numbers. If I wanted to listen to Shania Twain, honey, I’d listen to Shania Twain. Tell you what, Kelly; call me when you’re ready to record something with some twang and grit and heart again—until then, we’re through.