It’s their planet, too

Ecological tips for pet care

While navigating the responsibilities of pet ownership, it’s important to keep our responsibilities to the environment in mind as well. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers these and many more tips on its website ( on how to keep the planet enjoyable for all species.

Cleaning up: Use biodegradable bags instead of plastic to pick up and dispose of pet droppings. Use eco-friendly kitty litters, or at least avoid brands that use mined minerals. Use vinegar to remove stains and odor instead of expensive products containing toxic chemicals.

Cut the energy: Walk, rather than drive, to the dog park. Cut down on the use of paper products by using rags or cloth towels. After bathing, towel dry and let ’em shake it off rather than blow drying.

More than just cats and dogs: Set aside a little space in the garden to grow your bunny or iguana his favorite vegetables; they don’t like pesticides or preservatives either. Put light and heating bulbs for fish and reptiles on timers.