It’s good to be king

With the California budget in such a dire state, the money spent on university heads remains a hot issue. Here’s a look at how much public college executives took home in the 2006-07 school year. (Salaries are the average; total compensation includes housing and/or car allowances.) For comparison, Chico State President Paul Zingg’s 2007-08 salary base was $279,500, plus $50,000 for housing and $12,000 for a car allowance.

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System/School Salaries Total Compensation
Community colleges* $192,000 $263,750
Cal State system $377,000 $455,243
UC system $405,000 $434,166
UC Berkeley $416,000 $445,716
UC Davis $300,000 $323,916
UCLA $416,000 $445,716
San Diego State $272,214 $305,154

*$71,750 of total compensation came from private sources

Source: Chronicle of Higher Education

Brain Freeze

Public universities in France are free, with the exception of La Sorbonne, which costs the American equivalent of $100 a semester.