Hidden expenses

As college students, everyone knows you’re strapped for cash. Here are a few things that you may want to cut back on if your finances are in the red.

Coffee: The average cost of a cup of coffee is $1.38 (that’s not including mochas and blended goodies). So, a cup-a-Joe every weekday costs $360 a year

Cigarettes: This naughty little habit runs smokers about $4.54 a pack. So, for pack-a-day smokers, that’s $1,650 a year

Booze: Let’s say an average drink at a bar costs $5, including tip (although here in Chico we pay a little less at the less-swanky establishments). If you were to have two drinks a day, it would add up to $3,650 a year

“Doing lunch”: Eating out is rarely as cheap as we’d like it to be. If an average lunch costs $9, if you eat out five days a week, you’re forking out $2,340 a year

H20 in the bottle: For a buck apiece, if you drink one bottle of water each day, that’s $365 a year

Add it all up: If you’re a smoker, drinker (of coffee, booze and water) and lunch-lover, you’re spending $8,365 a year

Source: Bankrate.com

Brain Freeze

On average, people who have a college education live seven years longer than those who don’t.