It Will End Quietly

Our Friend and the Spiders is one of the hidden gems of Montreal's alternative rock scene, and the four-piece has just released one kick-ass record. “Keep on Marching” is the fist-pumping centerpiece of It Will End Quietly, an album about nothing but the rock, often of the psychedelic variety, as on “The Sight of Sin” and “Deranged” (eerily similar in their gleefully demented content) as well as album closer “The 55,” which boils and seethes before bursting like a volcano. “Bleeding Sky” packs so much wallop with its wall of sound, thunderous drums and guitars so ominous you'll think the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived. It Will End Quietly is the perfect title for such a raging rock spectacle that doesn't let up until the very end. Add to that singer-guitarist Mathieu Morin's soaring vocals (think Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds meets Muse's Matthew Bellamy), and you have a recipe for a great band that won't stay hidden much longer.