At some point, heavy metal got serious. The shtick perfected by KISS and Alice Cooper (and the entire 1980s for that matter) became schlock, and furrowed brows eventually took over. Sweden's Ghost came on the scene in 2010, shtick in hand, tongue in cheek, and riffs at the ready. Five years later, Ghost—led now by Papa Emeritus III for its third record, Meliora—is still confounding some critics who can't seem to get past the Satanic imagery, costumes (Papa Emeritus is backed by the black-masked “Faceless Ghouls”), or the band's elaborate back story. Meloria combines elements of the band's first two records—songs like the proggy “Absolution” are balanced by the classic metal of “Mummy Dust.” Ghost's music is surprisingly slick, and any hints of evil are countered by impressive pop hooks. It's no wonder why the band remains somewhat divisive. It's fun, but it ain't no joke. Probably because the members of Ghost are in on it.