Dancing at the Blue Lagoon

After making an impression with their 2013 debut, Bigfoot, twins Zach and Ben Yudin are back with another album loaded with toe-tapping California beach music and an indomitable sense of fun. Seriously, how else would you describe a surf-rock tune with a string section called “Moony Eyed Walrus” or a classic pop number that features a Hawaiian melody and references to a turquoise negligee and flamingos (“Backstroke”), or a gyration-inducing ode to Cali slang (“Hella”)? The Yudins seem to be having a lot of fun being gleefully ridiculous, even with Zach's near perpetual monotone coming off as an even more deadpan version of Beck or Cake's John McCrea. The whole thing is so off-the-wall you can't help but love it, or at the very least be highly amused. Dancing at the Blue Lagoon very likely will put a smile on your face.