Jackson Corley

PHOTO courtesy of Jackson corley

In 2008 Dr. Jackson Corley, a certified chiropractor and extreme-sports enthusiast, was mountain biking in Upper Bidwell Park. He crashed and fell down a 15-foot ravine, herniating five discs and severely injuring his legs. In lieu of surgery, he invented special socks called Incredisocks and a back brace called the Incredibrace using materials that vastly improved blood and oxygen flow and relieved his pain. He’s since modified the Incredibrace to include wrist and knee braces. In less than two years on the market, his Incrediwear products are catching fire worldwide. They can be found locally at Sports LTD (698 Mangrove Ave.) or Chico Holistic Health Care (582 Rio Lindo Ave.).

Who do your products help?

Almost anyone with mild to severe pain in their feet, back, knees or wrists. Athletes and non-athletes use the Incredisocks to keep their feet pain-free. Diabetics get relief from major foot swelling and throbbing. The wrist braces even help those with carpal-tunnel pain.

How is your health now?

Outstanding considering I have five herniated discs and can’t feel my right leg from the knee down. I don’t do extreme sports anymore, but I exercise regularly.

What’s the secret of your products’ success?

They are made with a special blend of carbonized bamboo charcoal heated to 1,000 degrees Celsius, and inorganic germanium, both of which increase blood flow and oxygen to your tissues. This can relieve pain and normalize the temperature in your feet, back or limbs. It’s like getting infra-red therapy without plugging anything into a wall.

How are sales?

Exploding. We started selling Incredisocks in January of 2010 in a Chico garage with two reps. We now have a 5,500-square-foot warehouse and 70 reps worldwide. The Incredi-brace started in April of this year and is outselling the Incredisocks. We sell to the military and 3,000 pharmacies in 13 countries.

Did you set out to make big profits?

No. Everything I’ve invented was done to help my injuries. After my accident my feet were perpetually cold. So I created my Incredisocks and found that the thermo-regulating properties of increased blood circulation not only warm cold feet, but cool excessively hot ones. Similarly I created the Incredibrace for my back pain, which helped tremendously.

Do you have scientific backup?

The products are so new that there aren’t established studies. Several are being conducted by universities and clinics. The best proof is testimonies from our customers, many of which can be found at