First Rodeo

Sometimes an album comes along just at the right time to inspire adoration. I’d like to think I’d have had the same reaction to HoneyHoney’s full-length debut even if it didn’t meld so many sounds in my personal pop catalog, but I can’t say for sure. Fact is, so much of what I love on First Rodeo evokes great music I’ve been listening to lately. Suzanne Santo sounds like Adele meets Jessie Baylin, with the fiddle chops of Lili Haydn and Carrie Rodriguez. She and guitarist Ben Jaffe form an energetic, eclectic band in the vein of the Hush Sound, who also put out a 2008 album with no song longer than 3 minutes, 50 seconds. First Rodeo just came out a few weeks ago, and already buzz is building, courtesy of the first single and video, “Little Toy Gun.” It’s wry and peppy all at once, and there’s a lot more where that came from, notably “Not For Long” and “Come On Home” (harkening to Joan Osborne). Even if your playlist doesn’t match mine, HoneyHoney is worth sampling. Give ’em a spin.