High Noon

Sid Locksley

“Bush and the people who control him are the worst enemies this planet has. They are the terrorists.” It’s hard to put a funny spin on a statement like that, and Sid Locksley, the mind and spirit behind this video project, doesn’t try to. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t have a sense of humor; he does, as the “Georgie Porgy” refrain to the title song of this video document makes clear. With video footage drawn from several years of performances and several Con-tra-band lineups, as well as montages of nature scenes, war footage from several eras, and clips of Locksley being interviewed, High Noon is a DIY documentary of one man’s mission to break down the wall of complacency that has sheltered a corrupt regime for far too long. The band footage is raw but captures the energy of Locksley’s live shows, and the sound quality, while not pristine, is pretty good, especially if you turn it up loud, but a lyric sheet would come in handy at times. A spoken-word piece done in collaboration with local electronic music composer Hjalmar Hake adds a very interesting change of style. Extras include a clip of Attila the Stockbroker at Subud Hall and more interviews and performance videos. Recommended High Noon is available at Dellamay’s Dreams, 130 W. 6th St.