Here’s more on Florence McLane

ChicoSol posts essays about her and her family

Local journalist Leslie Layton met Chico Peace Endeavor co-founder Florence McLane’s son Victor in Mexico in the 1980s and has been friends with him since. She has been in contact recently with him and with her grandson Michael, who lives in Modesto. As a result, she has posted the following on her bilingual news site,

• An essay about Florence McLane written by her grandson, Michael McLane.

• An essay written by Victor McLane about becoming a conscientious objector during World War II.

• A column about how Layton came to know the McLanes.

Florence McLane’s grand-daughter Erica McLane lives in Chico, where she was recently one of four volunteers who helped form a writers’ group at the Jesus Center. The group has published a book of poems, The Derelict Voice.