Help is on the way

If you need it, Butte County probably has it—here’s where to look

Lots of people are reaching out for help now for the first time, and many might not even be aware of all the no- and low-cost services available right here in Butte County. Some organizations offer counseling, others help with finding jobs.

Here’s a sampling of what’s out there. For more information and a score of other helpful programs, log onto

Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services offers cash, medical and food-stamp benefits for those eligible. 538-7538.

Help for People offers just that—help, in the form of food and links to social services—in Paradise. 872-4357

The Hope Center has food, clothing, personal grooming supplies and household goods for those who need hope in Oroville. 538-8398

Jesus Center serves two meals a day, Monday-Saturday, in Chico. 345-2640

Paradise Ridge Family Resource Center has counseling, parent support and other services. 872-3896

Private Industry Council of Butte County Inc. offers job training, assessment and referrals. 895-4364 in Chico; 538-7301 in Oroville

Dorothy Johnson Neighborhood Center has low-cost lunches, dances and legal assistance for seniors. 895-4707