Money on the side

Getting something you need from something you love

Unfortunately, what you get paid to do may not be what you love to do. An enjoyable hobby or activity is a way some people escape from the monotony of daily life—and, these days, when everyone is looking for a quick way to make that extra buck, turning a hobby into a side venture is the perfect blend of passion and money.

After my aunt and uncle retired to Oregon from California, they decided they needed a hobby and a way to make money to supplement their fixed income. So they recently created, a memorabilia-preservation business. My aunt takes care of the customer service and design; my uncle creates the wooden shadow boxes. Now they are never bored, make some extra money and help people from all over the country display their most memorable moments.

Show off your sparkly jewelry creations at the farmers market. Suggest beautifying your neighbors’ yards with your green thumb. Sell your baked goods to others who can’t resist your scrumptious chocolate chip cookies. Tie dye articles of clothing, customizing the colors and designs to fit the desires of your customers. Offer to scrapbook friends’ and family members’ recent trips and events when they don’t have time to do it themselves.

Whatever it is, take your talent, passion, enthusiasm and fortés, and start getting paid for them. Your talents are unique and the possibilities with what you can do with those talents are endless.