Only for goons? No, thanks

I do not favor gun control. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a free gun causing trouble. With the potential for fatal violence always there in a gun’s nature, it tends to sit in stillness, accepting all possibility, like a sharp rock. If guns were left alone to follow their natural bents, I’m sure guns wouldn’t hurt us.

I approve of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Since our system of evermore restriction seems to guarantee eventual revolt, we’re gonna need a way to discourage the goons when they come for us.

Actually, I don’t mean “we.” When the barricades, figurative or otherwise, go up, I’m not gonna be there. My barricade-manning days were long ago, and now I’d just get in the way. Since I want the revolution to succeed, I’d do us all a favor and stay the hell away, except it’ll be my grandchildren at the barricades, not me.

I also favor the elimination of guns entirely. I can’t get with most no-gunners because I can’t think of anything sillier than restricting guns to government, and I’ve been trying. No guns, fine. Guns only for goons, no thank you.

If that means now and then a bunch of cute little children get murdered at school, too bad. We could’ve at least harvested their organs. The same governments that collude in sending drones to kill random strangers require that our children be sent to learn the approved world view all together at the same time, which is why they’re sitting ducks. If kids were with their families or off learning something they wanted to know, it wouldn’t be nearly so easy to take them out en masse, like Newtown and Virginia Tech and the rest.

Fear is popular, usually masquerading as security. Since the people afraid of being shot down on the street haven’t actually been shot down, although I guess a former victim might turn crusader, the fear, as usual, is of something that’s never happened.

I have a rather astonished love for us people and our capacity for creation, inevitably including virtually boundless stupidity. If government were perfect, it wouldn’t need guns. Since it clearly isn’t perfect, people should have guns, too. Maybe not crazy people.

I got this far with chasing the thoughts about guns stumbling around in my head when I was inspired. I left my computer and lay on my bed in the sun, where I soon remembered that all I have to do about the gun issue is keep a loving heart, the only thing I have to do about anything. You, too.