Green Christmas

Tips galore for keeping the holidays eco-friendly

The holidays are no time to take a break from being green (unless you happen to be the Grinch). Here are some tips from to keep your Christmas eco-friendly:

Shop thrift stores first: By purchasing at a local charity’s thrift shop, for instance, you will be supporting a nonprofit organization and saving money and landfill space.

Donate to thrift stores, while you’re at it: Again, by giving away your unneeded classic threads, you will be saving landfill space (and getting a tax deduction in before the end of the year).

Bag it, don’t wrap it: It might be fun to rip open presents, but try a reusable bag instead. It’s a greener option, and way easier than wrapping gifts. (Plus, a nice cloth bag is a gift in itself!)

Donate food: If you have a mountain of unused nonperishable leftover food following Christmas dinner, consider donating it to a charity kitchen.

Compost your veggies: A combination of dried leaves and green food waste makes for an ideal compost mix.

Don’t buy rubbish: Some stocking-stuffers are simply destined for the landfill—things that don’t have any real use or are simply made cheaply. Buy gifts that the recipient will value for a long time.