Green chemistry for consumers

Regulation would protect consumers from toxins

The Department of Toxic Substances Control released a draft regulation recently that may help ensure California consumers are exposed to fewer toxic chemicals via the products they buy, according to a DTSC press release.

DTSC’s Draft Regulation for Safer Consumer Products outlines processes to identify toxic chemicals used in products that are most likely to harm consumers and the environment from the time they are created to when they are disposed of. The regulation would require manufacturers who use those toxic chemicals in their products to seek safer alternatives, as well as face tougher consequences from the government if they do not comply.

The regulation is part of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s California Green Chemistry Initiative, which he signed into law in 2008 and focuses on reducing manufacturing products with chemicals that can be harmful to humans’ health.

DTSC will begin the formal process of enacting the regulation after additional workshops and informational meetings are held for the public and stakeholders this summer.