Good time to give

Annie B’s matching funds boost nonprofits’ efforts

When times are tough, charitable organizations feel a double pinch: Donations decrease precisely when the need for services increases. So, for the hundreds of nonprofits under the umbrella of the North Valley Community Foundation, this year’s Annie B’s fundraising drive may be the most crucial yet.

What is the Annie B drive? It’s a campaign, running through Sept. 30, during which donations to participating groups yield matching funds from a $100,000 pool. Categories range from animal welfare and elder care to arts, education and the environment. The NVCF estimates the 167 groups that participated last year made a collective $2 million impact in Butte, Glenn, Colusa and Tehama counties.

You can find a list of Annie B’s beneficiaries at the NVCF Web site (, where you can make a donation directly. Select your favorite cause, or spread the wealth—either way, whatever amount you give, you can make a big difference.

And you’ll feel good about yourself. Giving is unselfishness in action, and acts of unselfishness liberate us from everyday self-centeredness and give flight to our higher angels. That’s the greatest gift of all.