Good Luck Chuck

Rated 3.0

Dane Cook’s latest ego trip starts out as a funny (and a bit raunchy) comedy about sex and love, but turns pretty quickly into a predictable, generic cliché. Cook plays a 30-something ne’er-be-wed who, after finding out that many of his ex-conquests went on to marry the first guy they dated after him, discovers he’s been cursed. (Or is it blessed?) Either way, he takes advantage of the situation. But when he finds the clumsy-but-beautiful girl of his dreams, Cam (Jessica Alba), he does everything in his power not to bring her the good luck he’s brought scores of other women (including one putridly obese, hairy-lipped, zit-faced hag). He goes a little psycho trying to win Cam over, and while he’s in a love-crazed daze, it appears the film’s writers are being taken over by robots that start regurgitating plot points from every other romantic comedy in the books. In the end, Good Luck Chuck is good for a few chuckles—especially if you like seeing Alba in accident-prone mode. But don’t go looking for anything more than skin-deep—the film’s more content to flash boobies and montages of Cook in crazy sex positions with various women than to actually make any comment on sex or love (except in one scene in which Cook asks his friend, “What is sex without love?” and his friend so eloquently yells, “It’s still sex!”).