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Harry & David goes organic

Oregon-based fresh-fruit and gourmet-food company Harry & David has been around forever—75 years, to be exact. Many of us have had a gustatory run-in with the company at some point or another, especially around the holidays when someone has sent us one of those notorious fruit baskets or a box of homemade H&D chocolates. As corny as fruit baskets may sound, they’re actually a pretty cool gift, especially when someone is generous enough to plonk down $379.95 for Harry & David’s 12-Month Fruit-of-the-Month Club, a gift of fresh fruit once a month for an entire year.

Well, Harry and David have gotten hip and now offer a 12-Month Organic Fruit-of-the-Month Club for only $20 more than the nonorganic version. Starting in December, a person will receive a box of delicious, organic Fuji apples, followed by five pounds of organic Royal Riviera pears in January. In February, it’s oranges; March, grapefruit; April, pineapples; and so on. There are also less expensive nine-, six-, and three-month options. Check out for more info.