These old lights

Trade in Christmas lights, power drills for sustainable upgrade at Home Depot

The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time to think ahead. Have an old power drill or Christmas lights that could use an update? Well, for the next week, Home Depot is offering a trade. The projects are an effort to cut back on energy-wasting appliances in favor of more sustainable products. Today (Nov. 5) through Nov. 15, the store will hold its Eco Options Christmas Light Trade In event. So bring in those old strings of lights and not only will the store recycle them, it’ll also give you a $3 coupon toward a purchase of LED Christmas lights, which are said to last 10 times longer and use 80 percent less electricity than traditional bulbs. In addition, if you have an old (or even broken!) power drill, you have until Nov. 8 to trade it in for 15 percent off a new lithium-ion drill. Lithium-ion technology is said to take less charging time and is not harmful to the environment. A nice Christmas present, perhaps, for the carpenter in your life.